Dr. Humera Rasool

(Female Practitioner FRACGP, MBBS)

Dr. Humera Rasool has 12 years of experience in women’s health, chronic disease management, and family planning. She has vast experience in clinical and hospital settings in Australia. She also has numerous skills- certifications on her record. Dr. Humera speaks Hindi, English, Kashmiri, and Urdu. She can understand Punjabi as well.

Dr. Humera Rasool takes a huge interest in Family health, especially Women’s health. She has experience and interest in pregnancy management, Cancer checks and plans, women’s everyday fitness and health, and stress management. She also performs truck/taxi medicals, travel medications, fitness to work, work cover, and refugee health. 

Outside of medicine, she is an enthusiast of cooking and music. She also enjoys outdoor events with friends and family.