General Practitioners(GPs)

General Practitioners(GPs)

Dr. Haritha Puppala(Female Practitioner FRACGP),

Diploma in Child Health, Training in Rural Emergency Skills

Dr. Haritha has worked in the field of General Practice for over 12 years; both in the hospital and clinic settings.  Upon completing her GP specialty training and successfully obtaining her fellowship qualification, she acquired her further qualifications, including a diploma in child health and formal training in rural emergency skills. Most of her work experience is in the Melbourne area.

During this time, she has developed a broad clinical experience and worked in a nseveralecialties including general family health and chronic disease, accident and emergency, minor surgery, paepediatricsental health and psychiatry.  While she is highly skilled in all areas of General Practice, Dr. Haritha has a particular interest and extensive experience in pediatrics, Adolescent health, women’s health, chronic disease management and minor procedures.

Dr. Haritha speaks English, Hindi, and Telugu, and enjoys working out and maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Dr. Humera Rasool has 12 years of experience in women’s health, chronic disease management, and family planning. She has vast experience in clinical and hospital settings in Australia. She also has numerous skills- certifications on her record. Dr. Humera speaks Hindi, English, Kashmiri, and Urdu. She can understand Punjabi as well.

Dr. Humera Rasool takes a huge interest in Family health, especially Women’s health. She has experience and interest in pregnancy management, Cancer checks and plans, women’s everyday fitness and health, and stress management. She also performs truck/taxi medicals, travel medications, fitness to work, work cover, and refugee health. 

Outside of medicine, she is an enthusiast of cooking and music. She also enjoys outdoor events with friends and family.

Dr. Humera Rasool(Female Practitioner FRACGP, MBBS)

Dr Enamur Rakib Shohag (Male practitioner FRACGP, MBBS, DcH)

Dr. Rakib Has Worked As A General Practitioner In Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. He Is A Fellow Of Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners. He Has Almost 15 Years Of General Practice Experience Including Overseas And in Australia

Dr Rakib takes particular interest in General Medicine, Chronic Diseases, Men Health, Women’s Health, Pediatric, Aged Care, Mental Health, Travel Medicine, Implanon Insertion / Removal, and Minor Skin Procedures- Such As Removal Of Skin Lesions Spot checks.

He speaks English, Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu. Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his family and long drives.

Dr Uzma Aslam has been working with team Supernova for the last 5 years. She has extensive experience in clinical and hospital settings in Australia for 15 years.  Dr Uzma takes interest in women’s health, children’s health, chronic disease management, and psychiatry. She extends her service to truck/taxi medical, travel medicine, and works cover.

Dr. Uzma’s knowledge and passion for family health, typically with the issues like fertility, effective contraception, and Antenatal care are of great solace to couples and young mothers. Another area of interest includes helping and preparing couples and mothers throughout their journey of pregnancy right from planning their pregnancy to delivering the baby. She also is available for women from all backgrounds to help them cope with day-to-day stress and anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns like schizophrenia and bipolar illnesses.

Outside the work, Dr. Uzma leads a very active lifestyle. She enjoys Table Tennis and Badminton. She is the proud owner of her pet cat. She also loves gardening.

Dr.Uzma Aslam(Female Practitioner FRACGP, MBBS(Hons)

Dr. Elena Litovski(Female Practitioner FRACGP, MBBS)

Dr. Elena was born in the northern part of Russia and being a doctor has always been a dream of hers, being able to help people and make them feel better. She was fortunate to study in one of the most beautiful European cities –St Petersburg. During her university studying, she worked as a nurse in one of the maternity hospitals, since then she realized that she wanted to know more about women’s health.

Since graduating from Medical School, she worked as a consultant in different hospitals and clinics for almost 4 years before moving to Australia in 2010.  She is particularly interested in working with patients in the fields of Women’s health, including reproductive health, She is also available for shared maternity care with all of the surrounding hospitals; Paediatric and Adolescents health, Mental health, Geriatric, and Chronic Disease Management.

Our female patients and families can avail services like IUD Insertion and removal, Medical termination of unplanned pregnancy(MTOP), Implanon insertion and removal, Marina insertion and removal, etc from Dr. Elena. His expertise and passion for women’s health are truly an asset to our team.

She has various interests: She loves traveling and thinks it is amazing to explore different countries and cultures. Animals are her other passion – She enjoys horse riding and she is the lucky owner of the cutest ragdoll cat. During her days off she enjoys spending time with her family, doing some drawings, and playing piano. She speaks English, Finnish and Russian.

Dr.Shadman Ahmad(FRACGP, MBBS, AMC)

Dr. Shadman speaks Hindi, English, and Urdu.

Dr.Vineet Jain (Male Practitioner FRACGP, MBBS)

Dr. Vineet speaks Hindi, English, and Punjabi.

Dr. Thoshitha Weerasinghe

Dr. Thoshitha speaks English and Sinhala.